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The Gold Standard

Z and I have done a little travelling around Europe in the past 18 months. Spain, Italy, Canary Islands, Canary Islands, Spain again, Italy again. We plan to get to France ASAP, I promise. 

One of our "missions" wherever we go is to find some really good food and we've been lucky and managed quite well. It doesn't matter where you go in Europe imho; there is good food and very good food to be found. This is a quality of food that we seem to lack in the UK in general. The number of times we've been to a recommended restaurant here and been thoroughly disappointed is a little bit depressing.

It's true that there IS good food to be found in the UK, but you have to be picky, or lucky, or spend a lot of money. I welcome recommendations. They will be judged though, and boy do they have a tough standard to meet.


This. This is the Gold Standard from now until it's toppled. We can't remember exactly what we had but I know this - I had stuffed zucchini which, despite me not liking zucchini and only getting it because the stuffed peppers had run out, was fabulous. I had a fettuccine for my main that was so simple yet so perfect that I was baffled as to how it could be so good with seemingly hardly anything to it. Z had large ravioli which by her account was "very nice" and indeed my sampling confirmed the fact.

There is a simplicity and homeliness about this place that just worked for us. It's not fancy, the service is very relaxed (but our opinion is when in Europe just chill out a little - all these Tripadvisor moaners re: waiting for drinks or service really bore us) but it's just so perfect for a calm and drawn out meal of no nonsense wonderful. Trattoria dell'Omo is and has been our Gold Standard since then. We want to find something that surpasses it and this is our journey. 

Adam Morley

Eater, taster, trier, explorer.


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