Tickell My Lamb, See?

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A few weeks ago I had the uncommon delight of being taken somewhere for lunch out of the blue. Following a cancelled meeting, and great trip to the Imperial War Museum, I was taken, sans Z, to what appears to be a hidden gem.

The Tickell Arms 


Situated in the tiny village of Whittlesford and rated as the number 1 restaurant in Whittlesford on Tripadvisor, The Tickell Arms is a charming place. The building is quite quant and in the summer the rear garden will be the most relaxing place to sip a beer and enjoy the sunshine. The interior matches the food which really was rather good. Note: there are only 2 restaurants in Wittlesford on Tripadvisor and I don't envy the task the other one has to try and get our of last place.


A: Crispy Lamb Shoulder, Curly Kale & Sherry Dressing

We ordered off the set menu and not a single regret was felt that day. The lamb shoulder comes in crispy cubes and once you crack open the beautifully crunchy and delicately salty outer layer you discover exquisitely most, rich and tender lamb that comes apart with ease and goes down easier. Kale is, theoretically, bland. Not here though; I could have eaten an entire bowl of this crispy accompaniment and the sherry dressing added a sharp and sweet frisson. A trifecta of excellence. When I go back, and I will, it'll be very difficult to resist a repeat.


A: Sausages, Mash, Caramelised Onions & Gravy

This appears incredibly run of the mill at first glance and on the day I was offered some special sausages instead of their standard pork. I went for the pork because I feel it better if the chef sticks to what they know, especially if I'm going to be reviewing it.

Every aspect of this main was, once more, delightful. The sausage choice was the correct choice; lovely, meaty and flavoursome without being too rich like some specialist sausages are wont to be. The mash was creamy but firm. the onions succulent and sweet with that mild savoury background that caramelised onion should have. I'd have liked more gravy but what was there was just right; pungent, rich, not runny and not separating. A triumph of a plate.

The service was top quality, the surroundings lovely and the food fabulous. Unfortunately we'd had a fried breakfast in the morning and the starter and main didn't leave any space for dessert.

Next time I'll be starved in preparation. What a wonderful treat.

Adam Morley

Eater, taster, trier, explorer.


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