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We had the great pleasure of seeing Derren Brown live on stage this week, and beforehand popped into what is ranked at the 11th best restaurant in Dartford by Tripadvisor.

Le Tre Sorelle

Billed as an authentic Italian and being number 11 in Dartford Le Tre Sorelle appears very appealing. At first glance it looks okay, though it was very quite (and I'd booked a table just in case).


Z: Soup of the day - Turkey Soup

A: Sautee di Cozze - Mussels in Cream Sauce with Homemade Bread

The soup was adequate, being a tomato base with rather large chunks of turkey and little other flavouring. This isn't fine dining and there was nothing in the either starter that can't easily be made at home. Z didn't finish it because the portion was quite large.

My mussels arrived with a tiny pot for the shells but the portion was, again, large. This was the best thing about this dish as the cream sauce was uninspired lacking any real hint of flavour apart from... cream. It's lucky I really like mussels. The bread was rather plain and again, apart from the the bread (I cannot bake) this would be very easy to make at home. If I did though, I consider it a failure.


A: Linguine Prawn Rosa - Prawns, mascarpone and chilli oil

Z: Tagliatelle Quattro Formaggi - gorgonzola, mascarpone, parmesan, mozzarella and walnuts

My linguine was disappointing. The pasta itself was alright but a little overcooked for my taste as were the prawns which I'm sure hadn't been fresh, but frozen for a very long time. You'll never have prawns so cooked to death in Italy but that wasn't the worst part of this dish. There was too much sauce and it had it was both under seasoned (this was one of the few times I've used the table salt in a restaurant) and the mascarpone was too overpowering. Where was the chilli? AWOL it seems. My favourite part of this may have been the parmesan the waiter sprinkled over the top. I can't say I can do better at this particular dish but I can certainly make a superior linguine with sauce than this.

Z's tagliatelle was much better. The pasta wasn't overcooked and the sauce was delightfully cheesy and far stronger than I think most people would expect. It was the dish I would have ordered if Z hadn't and I regretted my selection upon tasting it. Even so, it was also (amazingly) under seasoned. I'd get this again though.

The portions were huge which meant when it came to dessert we only ordered one to share. Thank goodness we did!


A & Z: Tiramisu

This is difficult to get wrong. They didn't get it wrong. This was far and away the best course and belongs in another restaurant. However, the potion was huge and a struggle for us both to finish.

I'd summarise Le Tre Sorelle as serviceable. It's not expensive and the food isn't bad. I'd be pleased to get this at home, and pleased with the tiramisu anywhere, but we won't be going back intentionally.

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