A Meat Feast Fail

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Disappointed? Skewered! 

We decided to try out another Birmingham establishment that we'd been recommended because in theory this is right up my street.

Rodizio Rico, a Brazilian grill/steakhouse.

The premise is simple; pay a set price per person (£25 + 10% gratuity) and eat as much as want. You have access to the salad bar/buffet and periodically a meat carver brings around a meat skewer with flame grilled meat on it and slices off a portion (or two) for you.

The meat is randomly rotated. We had

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • More pork, with fat and skin
  • Steak
  • Herb sausages
  • More Steak
  • More Lamb
So, unlike our usual outing, we just had a bit of everything. Z only liked the lamb and chicken and I was just disappointed overall. It was... okay. I can't complain about all of the meat but there wasn't anything that, if I'm honest, was really good. It's grilled meat and thats all there is to it. Perhaps I should have expected that but it didn't appear to be high quality meat and it wasn't flavoured or marinated in anything of note, especially for the price.

The most interesting parts of the meal were the sausage, because it was different, and the rice and beans from the buffet but mostly because it reminded me of the wonderful cassoulet I had in Toulouse last month.

I'll have to write about the trip to Provence because everything we had there was superior to the mediocre fare at Ridizo Rico. I wanted to like it but next time we feel like South American meat we'll be going to Feista Del Asado.

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